The Power of the Subconscious Mind

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

If you really realized how powerful your subconscious mind is you wouldn’t want to waste another second of your life without reprogramming it. 

Did you know that 95% of our daily lives comes from the subconscious mind? While only 5% comes from the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the home of will power, logical thinking, critical thinking, and short term memory. The subconscious mind is the home of behaviors, habits, fears and desires, feelings, emotions and long term memory.

Thoughts shape our destiny. The stories we keep telling ourselves determine what we’re gonna manifest. But the thoughts we keep entertaining in our minds over and over again really are a result of our deepest beliefs, desires and fears. So really our experience of the world is determined by our perception of it. The beauty in this is that if we don’t like what we see…

…we can change those lenses through which we see the world! And as a result…the world we look at changes!

Talking about perceptions, I’ll share with you a very intimate story from my life to help you understand better what I mean. It’s the story of my break up with my Twin Flame.

Since the very beginning our love relationship was so different from all the other experiences I had before him. It was so pure and uplifting and for the very first time I didn’t have to pretend to be anyone else but me. I could feel loved and appreciated for who I truly am in my purest authenticity.

When he started detaching from me I experienced the most painful months of my life. It was as if my whole world crumbled down. I couldn’t do anything but crying for weeks, I couldn’t even eat and lost weight. Omg my heart was in small pieces. But the huge love I have for him has pushed me so outside of my comfort zone and cracked me so open that I opened completely to the Universe and to its messages and I received the healing tools that allowed me to completely change my life and the way I perceived our break up and also my whole reality.

By trying to heal myself and our relationship I totally fell in love with myself, with the truth of who I really am and I became aware of what my talents are and how to use them to be in service of the world. So after a few months of deep healing work with reprogramming my subconscious mind with Level Up, my perception of what in the end led our relationship to an end has utterly transformed.

I’ve changed so much that now I can feel massively blessed and grateful for my Twin Flame detaching from me that first time. If it wasn’t for this wonderful love only God knows how much I would still be sleep-walking in life and not realizing that we as human beings have such an immense power to change our destinies & manifest our highest potential.

I promise you that if you start reprogramming what’s holding you back you’ll follow your bliss so much easier. You won’t be scared anymore and you’ll stop telling those limiting stories that are holding you back from pursuing what’s lighting you up. You’ll just jump into the infinite amazing possibilities of the Universe and of your soul calling…and believe me when you do that you’ll notice more and more synchronicities in your life. You’ll be so guided by the Universe that things will unfold for you in the most unexpected and magical way.

Of course there will still be some ups and downs some times but those will be tiny moments compared to the bliss you’ll be able to feel on a daily basis. The funny thing is that you’ll feel grateful even when you’ll experience moments of darkness because they’ll show you what you need to heal within yourself to keep evolving in your journey.

Everything, literally everything we experience is a reflection of who we are, of our wounds, of what we have in our subconscious – be it from past lives or this lifetime – and by healing all of those wounds&karma your life and your relationships will totally change in the most exciting ways. You’ll start perceiving more and more magic from the Universe.

Are you ready to heal and feel more joy every single day of your life?

If so please visit my energy healing page to see how I can help you overcome the challenges, limiting beliefs and souls blocks that are holding you back.

If you need any further information or understanding about what’s the best healing approach based on your specific needs please send me an e-mail or a whatsapp and I’ll reply to you asap. You can find my contact details by clicking here.

Love&Light. Namaste ♡

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