Manifesting through Gratitude

Manifesting through Gratitude

Being grateful is one of the most powerful practices you can do on a daily basis.

Did you know that when you enter in a state of gratitude and you really feel it with your heart, your heart starts producing an electro-magnetic field 3m-wide? When you focus on the feeling you’re teaching your body chemically and it starts responding according to what you feel. The more you practice being grateful the more your heart opens up to the infinite possibilities of the quantum field.

Dandelion and dreams

I’ve learnt how powerful gratitude is from dr. Joe Dispenza and I’ve been practicing it daily for over a month now. As I’ve shifted into that state I’ve attracted better things: amazing souls, awesome circumstances, an awesome feeling of wholeness inside of me and last but not least I could finally start shining my Light and lighting up also other people.

Usually we give thanks when we receive something and when we receive it that means we’re vibrating at the same frequency of it. So, give thanks in advance for what you wish to experience in your life – become a vibrational match for what you desire first, and then you’ll open up to see it manifesting in the physical world.

We’re raised thinking that we always have to wait for something before you can feel that gratitude state. What a mistake…if you only knew that all that you desire can become true if you practiced being grateful wouldn’t you do it? I think most people don’t even try in the first place because they’re not aware of their true power of manifestation.

Or maybe they start giving thanks or writing down what they feel thankful for but they don’t merge themselves with that intense emotion. Eventually they end up thinking that this is BS… What a pity not to realize how powerful creators we are!

If doubt tries to discourage you, I invite you to choose faith instead. Take your life in your own hands: be grateful for what you have and also for what you don’t have yet. Live as your dreams have already come true. If you live in that emotional state you’ll realize that all happiness is already within you and this will also speed up the manifestation process. And when you’re in that ecstatic happy feeling, will you really care when it comes true? The ‘when’ and ‘how’ is the Universe’s job, yours is just to focus on creating that feeling that will then attract to you your desire.

We’re One with this infinite quantum field of possibilities and we can achieve anything our mind can conceive and our heart feel.

Love & Light 🕉❤️

Brenda Montin

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