If not You, who? If not Now, when?

If not You, who? If not Now, when?

The only one that has the power to change your reality is you. No one else. But you. And this doesn’t mean that you have to make it all by your own; you can ask for help, for sure. There are so many healing facilitators out there, but it’s your choice whether you want to manifest a better life or not. Whether you want to experience a better relationship or not. Whether you want to have more abundance or not.

Whatever you wish to be different it’s your choice to step out of your comfort zone and go out there and ask for help from someone who was in the same place as you before. I was in a place of feeling completely out of control about my life. I knew about the Law of Attraction but it never seemed to really work for me. Until I found out techniques that helped me reprogram the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from finally reclaiming back my personal power.

OMG you can’t even imagine what a powerful creature you are until you feel ready to face the darkness and understand that it was always there to show you something. Always. Our darkness is there to show us what we came here on Earth to learn. Our darkness is our greatest opportunity to step into the best version of ourselves. It’s there to push our limits; to make us feel sooooo uncomfortable until we say: “enough is enough” so that we can finally change and remember the truth of who we really are.

How many times you had to go through the most painful moments to realize that there was something that you need to change? Most human beings are just lazy so if life is going “not too bad”, humans just stay there in their comfort zones. But we didn’t incarnate on this planet for things to be just ok.

We incarnated to learn, grow, and to evolve. We came here to love.. We came here to thrive!! So how many times will you keep postponing the life that you’re destined to live? The life that is setting your heart on fire? Aren’t you tired of feeling stressed most of the times, unfulfilled, unhappy, or unloved? Today, now, this present moment is the only time we really have to make a change. Not to be pessimistic – not at all – but it makes a difference when you realize that tomorrow’s never guaranteed to anyone. So how about taking responsibility for you own life NOW and start moving into the direction of your dreams?

Sometimes I hear people saying that you can just make it all by yourself, but if that was true you’d have already transformed your life. We’re all here with a specific purpose. We have incarnated not only to heal our own karma and limiting programming that is holding us back, some of us have come here also to help other people do the same. We all have different gifts and talents. Not everyone was born with such high sensitivity to channel messages and healing from the Universe. And we’re all perfect the way we are because all of our journeys are so unique and wonderful!

Reach to someone that resonates with your soul and begin your own journey of self-discovery and growth. It’s always worth it I promise. Once you start transforming yourself you’ll realize that real life is not most about sacrifices and doing things to survive and then settle for “enjoying” life just a few hours a week. Life can be enjoyed almost every hour of your life because once you change the way you perceive the world magical things will start to happen.

Synchronicities will begin showing up more and more. Or better said you’ll be so much more aware and open to receive them. People, events, books, movies – everything will start talking to you. You’ll realize there’s a deeper connection with everything and everyone. And that everything, literally everything happens for a reason.

You have this beautiful soul. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and to reconnect with the most authentic part of yourself. When you do more of what lights you up – when you follow your bliss – doors will open for you where you didn’t even know there were doors.

If you’re feeling a connection with me through what you read and your soul is calling you for a change please reach out to me. I’d be more than honored to facilitate your healing and help you live a life where you can find more joy every day of your life. And if you haven’t already and you know there’s a deeper meaning to life I highly advise you to read the “The Celestine Profecy” by James Redfield. You also find it as an audiobook on YouTube if you click here.

Heaps of Love ✨

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