Fear, The enemy of your health

Fear, The enemy of your health

In this delicate moment we need more than ever to understand how important it is to live out of fear. Fear-based emotions are our worst enemy and I hope people will understand this very soon.

Dr. Bruce Lipton – internationally known cell biologist – explains this beautifully in his works. When we live in fear our bodies go into fight-or-flight response, they start producing stress hormones – like cortisol – and use most of our energy resources for this protection mechanism, taking away the needed energy for the natural growth of our cells.

Every time we activate this survival mode we shut down our immune system and growth. Our bodies cannot sustain both protection and growth so if we feel threatened – due to stress, fear, anxiety, worry, etc. – they automatically shift into fight-or-flight. The more we live in this state, the more we weaken our immune system and growth which lead us to get sick and get more serious illnesses.

In “The Biology of Belief” Dr. Bruce Lipton explains all the discoveries that he and the new sciences – like Epigenetics – are making: genes do not control our biology! He states that 99% of the diseases are caused by stress. If you’re not such a “reading person” you could watch the full lecture of “The Biology of Belief” and find out more about how we create our realities:

For my Italian friends there’s also the Italian version here:

Wonderful souls I want you to understand that the future is in our hands and that it’s our responsibility to do whatever it takes to change the world we live in now. But the transformation can only begin by changing the world within ourselves.

We’ve been living in fear-based thoughts and emotions our whole life and those have created a very limiting subconscious programming. 95% of our everyday life is controlled by the subconscious mind while only 5% with our conscious mind. Luckily there are also fast ways to reprogram our subconscious minds – but I’ll talk about this in another post.

As for now, when you catch yourself up in stressing about a situation stop that negative pattern and ask yourself instead:

“What is this situation trying to teach me?”

You’ll see that in any type of situation you’ll find at least one positive aspect that you can learn from it. I’ve heard people with any kind of trauma – death of a beloved ones, rapes, cancers, etc. – find a positive aspect in that. Some of them said that what happened it was actually a blessing. Can you believe that? They understood that that awful circumstance was there to teach them something. Some of them even awakened to a more meaningful sense of life.

My wish for you is to have the courage to step out of how society want us to be, which doesn’t suit Human Spirit – and any form of life at all honestly – and find your way to create a better future for you and the people you love.

Toward a meaningful life,

Brenda Montin

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