A key to success? Plan the baby steps.

A key to success? Plan the baby steps.

As Denzel Washington said: “dreams without goals are just dreams”. 

Do you want to stop looking at your dream as a scary, overwhelming and far away galaxy? Then plan the baby steps! Here are some tips on how to plan them. 

1. what’s the dream you want to achieve? 
e.g. to quit my corporate job in 12 months and live the freedom of being a digital marketer and an inspiration for the personal & spiritual growth of other people

2. what are all the baby steps you need to take every day to accomplish it?
Define a detailed daily plan/weekly/monthly plan.

– choose the topics you’d love to focus on e.g. spiritual & personal growth to share with your audience

– define your daily to-do list which means the actions you need to take every day to grow, to learn new skills, to give value and create content. So for e.g.:

a. read at least 30m a day 
b. listen to inspiring podcasts/audio-books/interviews, etc.
c. if you have a fb group choose the photos and quotes/or content to share on your fb
d. choose what “technical skill” you need to focus on in that specific moment of your journey that can help you progress in your journey – like a course on Linkedin, a webinar on how to connect with your avatar, etc. If you need to build a website choose a day when to create your home page, another day for your about me page, etc..
e. write 5 things you’re grateful for and take at least 5-10m/day to feel that gratitude in your heart. It’s such a powerful technique and I talked about it in my previous blog post.

f. remember to take care of your mind/body/spirit system. We’re not robots and we need to take into consideration many aspects if we want to find a balance where we feel good and energized. So take a walk, or do some exercises, drink plenty of water, maybe try meditation or yoga. Take the time to spread some love 🙂

– define a monthly content creation calendar.
a. for example if you have a YouTube channel choose:    

  • 1 or more specific days a week when you’ll record the videos
  • 2 or more specific days a week when you’ll regularly be posting your content so your followers know when they can expect content from you (especially for the YouTube channel). For fb it should be at least 1 post every day.

b. if you want to keep a blog choose how many per week do you want to post? Choose a number that you know you could keep it on a consistent basis. My advice is choosing 1-2 days when you’d like to post them but every time you feel inspired just write and save the drafts so you can have content for the days you decided to be your “blog-day”. Inspiration doesn’t always comes easily so when you feel inspired to do anything, just do it before it runs away! 🙂 

These are just a few ideas that I hope will help you understand how important it is to have clear baby steps in mind if you want to achieve your dream as fast as possible and live your meaningful life 🙂

Blessings, Love & Light y’all 💜 🕉


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