A Powerful Portal to Manifestation: 11/11

A Powerful Portal to Manifestation: 11/11

Every year 11/11 is such an intensely powerful day for the co-creators all over the world who love playing with energy to manifest their best lives.

Today we have the opening of such a unique magical Portal because of the energies carried by the double Master Number 11 and also the double Number 2 in the 2020. This Portal carries with it the energies of Divine inspiration and grounded materialization.

In numerology we know that 11 is one of the Master Numbers that carry with them a major vibration and a strong power. The energy of 11 holds spiritual connection, divine wisdom, supernatural intuition, and rapid manifestation; and another double energy of number 2 – which ignites our psychic gifts, our creativity, sensitivity and spiritual connection. The last time we had such combination of a repeating date was on the 11/11/1919. So it’s the first time in 101 years that this happens!

Dive deep into what you want to manifest in your life. Contemplate and feel your heart’s deepest desires. The energy of 11/11 is amplifying all that you’re thinking and speaking into existence today and it’s gonna speed up the manifestation process. Choose your emotions and thoughts wisely. Let go of the fear.

What would you really do if you had all of the time in the world? Are you following your bliss?

Contemplate really deeply on what following your bliss looks like. Focus on the emotions. Be there in heart and spirit. You’re a limitless Soul, a Sovereign Being, a Powerful Creator. Everything is possible for you. Everything. You are the Alchemist of your own reality. Make your life a work of art. Heal yourself, reprogram those beliefs that are limiting the full expression of your bliss. You are the Love. You are the Light. You are Divine.

Wishing you a blessed and magical 11/11/2020 Divine portal. May it be filled with priceless insights that will help you step into your next stage of evolution.

Namaste beautiful Starseeds ♡

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